New rules!

2020 brings a new game...with new rules! 

After 2 successful years of the Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series ran across Australia.. we often asked ourselves - what can we do to make this Series even better? So we reached out to our Admin staff who had run the events, the members who had competed within them, and analysed all of our workings to develop a plan for a brand new format . The new format was based on trials, input and feedback from both staff and members right across the country. We've listened to our Anglers and members.. and we now bring you a brand new formidable series which we are sure you will love even more! Some of the key changes to the 2020 series are listed below:

  •  ONE CLASS nationally linked -  to make ranking against ALL of your national peers simple and easy.
  •  POWER PLAY option added - back yourself to win even more prize money at your round.
  •  APP AND SCORING UPDATES for a more accurate score checking process across all rounds - regardless of reception.
  •  TIME SHIFT - Get the absolute best fishing and weather conditions out of your event. 

The Yak Hunters kayak Fishing Series 2020 is a well balanced platform to encourage ALL anglers to enter for some serious fun. To put simply, it's the perfect format to have some awesome fun when fishing with mates.. and score some sweet prizes at the same time!

One Class - Nationally Linked:

Upon an in-depth analysis of the previous 2 years rounds.. we found some data that was very interesting! Here's a rough breakdown of what we noticed that influenced the decision to go with a 'one class' approach in 2020:

- There was a much larger ratio of Amateur class anglers in comparison to Elite class anglers - 7:3 as an average in most state rounds. This meant a larger portion of the TOTAL prize pool was easier to win in some cases at some rounds, particularly when low numbers of Elite Class were present.

-  The Amateur anglers generally out fished the Elite Anglers at most rounds! What we found here was that some skilled anglers were entering the Amateur class when they should have been entering the Elite Class, often an unfair advantage to the Actual Amateur Angler.

- The ruling of the 'No trolling' rule for Elite Class was often hard to enforce out on the water when Anglers were out of view. This gave a potential for some Anglers to 'cheat' and troll whilst not in sight of others. Now under the One Class ruling, ALL Anglers have the ability to Troll and bring fairness across the board when it comes to consistent fishing conditions.

- Often Anglers came 4th or 5th at their state event but missed out on a prize. With a One Class ruling - we now have the ability to pay prizes up to 6th place at each state event round, award 6 state champions at the completion of the series, and one grand national champion!

- For those who wish to back themselves or play against the Elite still - we have introduced an additional 'Power Play' option, which gives an opportunity to enhance your prize pool and still play against the big dogs of the event.

- One Class Nationally Linked also provided an immediate ranking system - so you can see exactly where you rank NATIONALLY across all members and competitors. This brings some extra fun, bragging rights.. and might surprise you in your overall skill level when compared to other national anglers!

We think the One Class approach offers the ultimate platform of fairness to all Anglers. The new ranking system and prize payouts to 6th place will be sure to put more smiles on anglers at each round and makes your efforts out on the water all the more worthwhile.

When questioned, most Anglers preferred a 'Friendly and relaxed' environment over a highly competitive one.

The 'One Class' approach enables all Anglers to maximise their fun whilst still offering a good degree of competition.

The added option of POWER PLAY :

Still back yourself to do well at a particular round? Or is the target species something you've perfected the art in? Well... Power Play might just be the option for you.

How does it work? It's super simple.

Upon registering for a round, you will now have an added optional feature called 'Power Play' which you can add to your registration fee. The Power Play Fee is an additional $25. Think of it as an option to 'back yourself' at your upcoming event.

Each 'Power Play' entry of $25 accumulates into a separate prize pool, specific to your event. The goal here is to catch the LARGEST target fish out of all the 'Power Players' within your local round event. If you win this.. you score the entire pot of 'Power Play' prize cash. This is also on top of any additional prizes you gain during the round.

NOTE: Another entrant who has caught the largest fish at the event, cannot score the 'Power Play' prize pool unless they have added that option to their registration. The winner of the 'Power Play' pot must have:

a)  Included the 'Power Play 'option to their registration, and;

b) Caught the single LARGEST fish out of all 'Power Play' members at their LOCAL event round.

The less Power Play members in a round.. the easier it is for you to win it.

The More Power Play members in a round.. the harder it is to win it, but the larger the prize pot is!

We think this is a fun way to back yourself in an event that you feel confident in. It also creates an additional and larger prize pool for anglers who are confident in their skill level, or as a bit of fun amongst mates who want to gain a little more than just bragging rights.

'Power Play' can be selected as an additional option at registration.

It gives confident Anglers an extra option to win greater prizes at their event round.

'Power Play' is a perfect option if you're competing against mates and wish to up the antics.

App and scoring UPDATES:

The use of the Yak Hunters Australia Scoring app has been great.. but we are making it now even more accurate when it comes to scoring.

Previously at some locations, phone reception has been incredibly low and at times, unavailable. We understand that this can be frustrating at times.. especially when you have a cracking fish to submit, and your phone just won't get reception!

So we've listened to Anglers from across the country here, and have gone back to Manual confirmation entry. What does that mean? It means you simply just take photos of the fish on your brag mat with your tag included.. and show the Admin Staff at your local round your photos to register your score.

Whilst this may take a little longer to calculate scores.. we find it is more consistent and accurate - particularly in areas where phone reception is very limited. This also allows all event judges to get eyes on for any conformation or scoring discrepancies - meaning you get accurately judged on every entry.

But don't discard the app just yet! We are packing it full of extra fun features in the following year to come. It is also the go to place where you can see OVERALL rankings of the series nationally.

After your event has taken place, tune in to the Yak Hunters Australia app the following week to see where you ranked nationally amongst all competitors! 

Accurate scoring enables faster national results to take place.

Each entry gets checked by multiple judges - meaning the decision is unanimous.

Use the app to see where you rank nationally, amongst some other great features.


We've done some research into this.. and realised there's one MAJOR factor we can't really control - The Weather!

What we can do however - is attempt to work around it.

Introducing 'TIME SHIFT' into the 2020 rounds.. we've given the Yak Hunters State Admin teams the ability to decide their start and finish times, provided it's a 6 HOUR BLOCK between SUNRISE and SUNSET.

Upon observation and feedback from previous events, we discovered general patterns in both the weather activity and the fishing activity. This consists of aspects including;

- Optimal 'bite' times.

- Generalised predicted wind strengths.

- Time based weather forecasts for wind, rain, storm and tide predictions.

By giving our Local teams the ability to decide on the start and finish time at their event, this enables the knowledge of staff (and members) to ultimately decide the BEST opportunity to fish in the safest conditions and gain the optimum bite window for the target species. It also adds more flexibility to the rounds and ensures anglers capture the BEST and SAFEST times to be on the water.. which we think is the most important thing and is something you will all love.

TIME SHIFT will take place in all Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Rounds in 2020.

TIME SHIFT allows the best use of local weather conditions for your event.

An optimum bite window can now be targeted for each event target species.

Meaning you catch greater fish.. in greater conditions!

We've made it simple and easy

The 2020 Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series packs some powerful extras - with all the simplicity you could ask for. You'll be able to fit in smoothly and understand how it all works straight away, even if you've previously never fished a Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series round.

Step 1

Register ONLINE and select your chosen event.

Step 2

Select 'Power Play' if you wish to add this feature.

Step 3

Finalise payment - You're all done!

Dates and locations - COMING SOON!

Stay tuned... the State teams of Yak Hunters Australia are finalising dates and locations - they will be released this week! Plenty of time for you to clear your 2020 calendar and join in to Australia's LARGEST Nationally linked Kayak Fishing Tournament!

Meet new mates, fish new waters, target new species.. we're sure you are going to absolutely love the 2020 series to come.

The Yak Hunters Australia Team

Luke Lispet
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2018 Elite series A "Reel" Success

2018 Elite series A "Reel" Success

2018 series has come to a close.
With the 2019 series fast approaching lets reflect on the 2018 series.
4 states have battled it out over 4 round in 16 different locations Australia wide.
coming down to 2 champions taking the series with 2 hands.

Here's a little about our series national champion's, and what they had to say about the series for 2018:

Neal Palmer (SA) ELITE

When I moved back to Adelaide from the mid North 5 years ago one of the first things I did was buy myself a fishing kayak.
I reckon I've been on one every weekend ever since, I just love it.
The Elite series has been the highlight of my fishing year no doubt about it. Meeting new like minded Hunters from all over the state at different venues targeting different species is not only a whole lot a fun but it certainly has improved my fishing. The awesome prizes are a great bonus - I'm pumped for next season, can't wait!

Bruce Tozer (NSW) PRO AM

My kayaking started on beautiful Lake Macquarie in the Hunter NSW.

I currently fish out of a Hobie Outback with all the bells and whistles, I love it.
I fish weekly if i can with my neighbour Geoff Barry and enter as many Yak Hunter events as possible with terrific fellow fishers.
Great to fish a series where you can push yourself, also love the state to state interaction that brings.
Looking forward to 2019.


Neal taking victory in the Elite class winning himself a Wilderness systems Radar 135 kayak from Paddle Pro Australia.
Along with Bruce taking out Pro am winning himself a Perception Pilot pedal drive kayak from Melbourne Paddle Sports.

But lets not forget those who took out the title of state champion for their series class in their state!
Here's what they had to say.


Joshua Bell (QLD)

Hi i'm Josh from Brisbane, I have been kayak fishing for about 5 years now. I enjoyed the social approach the organisers took with this series and i feel that helps ensure everyone has a fun day on the water. Thanks again to Yak Hunters and all of the sponsors involved in putting on a great series.

Greg Rigby (NSW)

I started kayak fishing on the Sunshine Coast in 2013 but since moving to Newcastle a few years ago I have really enjoyed the friendships formed within Yak Hunters.
This has driven me to compete more and expand my skills and techniques.

The Elite Series has been a great way to further those skills by sharing advise and a few beers with great people in a social environment. I cant wait to see where it goes from here.





I first started kayaking and kayak fishing as a kid on the Darling Downs in a kayak that my father built for me, that is over 40 years ago.
I now live at Birkdale on Moreton Bay, a fantastic spot with all kinds of options for kayaking and fishing close by.

The best part of the series is the concept of having a tournament that includes all states competing at the same time but still keeping it at a state level. Brilliant.

Mathew Bini (SA)

I’m from Golden Grove, in Adelaide’s North Eastern suburbs.
I purchased my first kayak in December 2016, after stumbling across kayak fishing vids on Youtube, and started fishing from it 3 months later (March2017), in between heavy work and study commitments.
I saw kayak fishing as an opportunity to mix 3 passions in my life…fishing, fitness and adventure. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable and learning experience with lots of species caught in the short time I’ve been participating in kayak fishing.

The Yak Hunters elite series provided me with the opportunities to fish different areas, target different species, and do it all in the company of some great people, and in a friendly competitive environment. Also, taking on a leading role here with the Yak Hunters team has been very rewarding.


John Rao (VIC)

I live in Geelong and started kayak fishing about 1 year ago.

The thing I enjoyed most about the Elite series was meeting new people who love fishing and fishing new waterways and different species of fish. I'm looking forward to next year i can't wait.


There we have it. 2018 series has come to a close. with many hyped for 2019. We hope to see you then.

Luke Lispet
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With 2019 fast approaching, our 2019 series is going to be a BIG one!
With the NEW addition of Tasmania and Western Australia, this is going to be a True National series not to miss.
Fish from your local state round against your local state anglers...whilst also linked up to battle against the hordes of other Yak Hunters around Australia in their State rounds on the same day 🎣
There is also the introduction of a 2 day event round 4 Grand Final across all states -
Which will double up as an end of year camp for all members to make new friends and tell your fishing stories about “the one that got away”.
Get keen. Get excited. Get ready for the most EPIC nationally linked Kayak Fishing Series to come!

This one's gonna be a heap of fun!

Luke Lispet
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One of our NSW competitors Greg Rigby, who is currently placed 1st in the Elite Series on 190 points, took time to talk to me about his passion for fishing and what he thought about the first two rounds.
Luke Lispet
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Elite Series & Pro Am Series National Points

Elite Series & Pro Am Series National Points

The news everybody has been waiting for! Here's the national points collation after round 2. Lots of big movers made it up the board, hopefully we'll all see you at round 3!

Congratulations to all of our round 2 winners and current points leaders.


 Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Perception Kayaks


Viking Kayaks Australia

Dragon Kayak

Crazy Kayaks

Rod Armour

FPV Power

Hurricane Lures

Ricks Fish On Plastics

Estuary Clothing

Sharp Point Jigheads

Yak Hunters Australia

Phoenix Noffke
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Yak Hunters Elite Series Round 2 National Wrap Up

Yak Hunters Elite Series Round 2 National Wrap Up

Round two of the Wilderness Systems sponsored Yak Hunters Elite Series came faster than most expected, albeit after a nearly 3 month break from the competition side of business!

Unsurprisingly, a phenomenal turnout over the 4 states. Most impressive from Victoria who after 15 in round 1, managed to retain another 15 with a few fresh faces on the day. A massive contribution from Evan Koka running the daily events on the day, We don't mention it nearly enough, but as much as we have primary national admin that deal with the business aspect of things, our state admin get nowhere near the amount of thank they deserve.


However for the Victorian wrap up, it is time. 

Victoria's venue for the day was Paynesville. Water temperature and conditions seemed to have won this war as many competitors on hand were nothing short of great anglers and fishing still proved to be hard. Bream being the target species and Flathead being secondary.

Mumma flatty told everyone to stay home, none were caught for the day. Papa tailor however asked everyone to go for a feed and low and behold, tailor aplenty and most anglers caught at least one throughout the course of the day.

Our daily winners and pacesetters are as follows;

Elite Series / 2 Anglers 

1st - Stephen Majera

2nd - Evan Koka Burrito Taco


Pro Am Series / 13 Anglers 

1st - Lex Forbes

2nd - Brendan Smith

3rd - Gary Slykerman

Now, down to the points situation, even with a fair whack of non competes in either round one or two. In the Pro-Am Class, Benjamin Hotchkin retains his state angler of the year lead after a hard round two and only minimal points banked. John Rao holds down second with a same same but different story to Ben. Brendan Smith, Lex Forbes & Tyler Hotchkin are hot on the heels of Ben in third place and are only 20 points adrift heading into most likely to be the hardest round of the year in Victoria, the finicky trout.

In the Elite Class, after a did not compete in round 1, Stephen Majera rockets into the lead for the state AOY in the Elite Class. Tony Meletis retains his high placing, previously leading but now slipping to second after a non compete in round 2. Evan Koka and his taco shop are pushing harder for result and currently languishing in third place a whopping 85 points behind our leader.

Everyone is keen to chase some Trout and we're hoping to see you all our for round 3!

South Australia is next, very much the same as Victoria, it's extremely promising to see the numbers increase after round one and see some fresh faces to one of the newer groups in the country.


After a decent showing of 8 in round 1, a stout showing of 13 showed in round 2. We're not sure what did it, maybe South Australians like cold weather ey? Maybe its the pursuit of Bream, or the dislike of the famed Coorong Mulloway.

Early, brisk morning action slowed eventually as the SA fish decided they're allergic to sunshine. Morning bags included the primary species being Bream, as well as many Flounder, Salmon and a lone Flathead came through. Upgrades were aplenty and made for a great day for all involved.

Our daily winners and pacesetters are as follows;

Elite Series / 10 Anglers 

1st - Alex Whitehead

2nd - Luke Oleson

3rd - Andrew Helps

Pro Am Series / 3 Anglers 

1st - Chris Miller

2nd - Mathew Bini

3rd - Matthew Gorne

Biggest Bream - Chris Miller - 33cms

Biggest Salmon - Joshua Davey - 29cms

Biggest Flounder - Neal Palmer / Luke Oleson - 55cms

For the points situation, Chris Miller in the Pro Am Class is near perfect and having a pretty good crack at checking out from the field. Currently 40 points clear of the duo of Mathew Bini & Matthew Gorne retaining a tie for 2nd with 170 points a piece. After two perfect rounds, you'd be asking if Chris could be knocked from his mantle this year.

Elite class having slightly more anglers has led to a more wild points spread. Neal Palmer retains his round one lead, backing up his perfect 100 with another 80 points in round two. Chad Soper, consistent and banking enough points will lock him into second, 45 points adrift of Neal. Bringing home the current bronze is Alex Whitehead sitting 35 points adrift of our second place runner.


Round 3 brings Callop (Yellowbelly) into the equation at a to be determined mighty Murray River location. We hope to see all you blokes out there!

New South Wales, the land of the ever majestic cockroach had a fruitful event. The birthplace of Yak Hunters always holds a special place to the more sentimental of our admin and staff. For the first time in a blue moon, we ventured down to Hen & Chicken Bay, on the banks of the Parramatta River. Like South Australia & our Victorian compatriots, Bream made a welcome entry to the NSW target species. Conditions on the day, whilst not perfect bore some cracking fish for those who managed to find them.


Our daily winners and pacesetters are as follows;

Elite Series / 18 Anglers 

1st - Dan Rappolt

2nd - Ben Milliken

3rd - Josh Richards

Pro Am Series / 8 Anglers 

1st - Mark Nissen

2nd - Jason Rumph

3rd - Bruce Tozer 

Biggest Bream - Bruce Tozer - 42cms

Greg Rigby retains his round one Elite Series points series, bagging a sneaky 80 points en route to a two round total of 190 points. Ethan Hugo kept it together for round two and whilst not bagging maximum points does enough to keep him just shy of Greg on 150 points. Current 3rd place points angler Ben Milliken made a monstrous jump from 9th place after round 1, capping his round off with a solid 95 point haul & a daily class win! Could Ben go back to back?!

Bruce Tozer caps off two perfect 100 point hauls in the Pro Am class and retains his round 1 lead with a solid 200 point haul, Bagging the biggest Bream of the day as well as a 3rd place showing. Geoffrey Barry is playing the points game and without a win as yet, chases down Bruce with another 80 points, retaining second place in the Pro Am class. En route to a second place finish, Jason Rumph, caps off our NSW points spread moving one place higher from 4th to 3rd!

Next up on the NSW calendar is the spiritual local for Yak Hunters, with a good ol' Flathead tournament on the famed Lake Macquarie. Due to demand, this round with have an expanded field of 60 people and some massive prizes!

For our final tournament grounds, we travel to the dominant origin state of Queensland. Panamuna Outfitters Club on the banks of the Maroochy river played host to what was always going to be a tough slog. The dreaded dark horse fish of these Sunshine Coast Reaches, Trevally, of any species. After hearing of big bags being pulled the days prior, the weather was always going to be the factor. 

Maroochydore didn't disapear and managed to blow its ass out all day which made for the toughest fishing seen in any event we've EVER held. Two fish all day were caught, luckily we had a couple of sneaky Bream as the secondary species sneak in to make up a points score for multiple anglers. Estuary Cod made up our bonus points fish for the day.

Elite Series / 25 Anglers / 4 No Shows

1st - Mark Pedersen

2nd - Scott Bryant

3rd - Shaun Wooderson

Pro Am Series / 31 Anglers / 4 No Shows

1st - Lee Major

2nd - Brendan Eustance

3rd - Sam Steele

Queensland points had such a stout change, we're going to keep you guessing for a while and will release the points a little closer to round 3! The 3rd round for the Queensland series will take us back into Brisbane chasing Bream at Raby Bay. Interest has been MASSIVE, so we're going to up our daily cap and invite 80 of you to participate in this round! Get in early as spots are filling fast.

For event entries, head to Elite Series Entries and fill out both forms.


Well over 100 anglers competed and completed round 2 of the Wilderness Systems sponsored Yak Hunters Elite Series. Thankyou to all that attended and made this first season of this series great. Without the help of our major sponsors and daily event sponsors we'd never be able to put on such a great show. When you get the chance don't forget to give back to some of these great companies.


 Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Perception Kayaks


Viking Kayaks Australia

Dragon Kayak

Crazy Kayaks

Rod Armour

FPV Power

Hurricane Lures

Ricks Fish On Plastics

Estuary Clothing

Sharp Point Jigheads

Yak Hunters Australia


Luke Lispet
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NSW Elite Series Round 2

NSW Elite Series Round 2

What a tasty day at honey chicken bay today for some! i caught every species bar a bream, as soon as the tide dropped i couldn't find a fish. the wind was a pain in the ass around 12pm.

It was phenomenal to see a few new faces. With out you guys the members the show wouldn't go ahead. cheers to my admin team. Your roles are just as important as mine.

The YH Australia admins behind the scenes these guys work harder than me at finalising the YH series.

1st Dan Rappolt
2nd Ben Milliken
3rd Josh Richards

1st Mark Nissen
2nd Jason Rumph
3rd Bruce Tozer

Biggest bream Bruce Tozer 42cm

Shoutout to our sponsors

Brandon Goh - FPV Batteries

Hurrican Lures Aus

Rod Armour

Crazy Kayaks

Ricks Fish on Plastics

who got the lucky showbag lures?.......

Looking forward to seeing you all at round 3!


Phoenix Noffke
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VIC Elite Series Round 2

VIC Elite Series Round 2

Round 2 of our Yak Hunters Wilderness systems elite and Perception Pro-am series in Paynesville VIC is done and dusted!!

Target species for today was Bream and and boy was it tough! Water temp was hovering around 17°c and only the local bream were hanging about with locked jaws!
A few anglers did manage to pester the bream and land a few!

Tailor were plenty throughout the weekend with most members getting them on the troll.

1 travelly was caught.

No flathead this round.

Pro am winners.
1st - Lex Forbes. 
2nd - Brandan Smith
3rd - Gary Slykerman

Elite winners
1st - Stephen Majera
2nd - Evan Koka.

Stephen also took out biggest bream of the day by a fraction and scoring a $50 Berley Pro voucher. Well done!

I personally want to thank all the members who participated throughout the weekend and helping out with setting up and packing. Thanks to Scott Boyd for putting on a BBQ after the round and the YH VIC admin team for your hand throughout the weekend.

Also a big thanks to our sponsors for the round! 
We had an absolute blast off the water and even though fishing was tough we all had a great time.

See you all at round 3!


Phoenix Noffke
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SA Elite Series Round 2

SA Elite Series Round 2

Well that's round 2 of the Yakhunters Elite Series done and dusted!

It was great to see the numbers nearly double from round 1's 8 entries.

The day started nice and early. Down at the lake just after 4:30am so that I could have everything ready for when the participants arrived, constantly wiping the morning dew off all the paperwork.

It was a beautiful clear and still morning which was a welcome sight, but did make me wonder if the Bream would shut down as early as they did the week before.

Shortly after launch time photos started to come in, and then some upgrades, so this was very promising for everyone's chances. Pictures of Bream, as well as Flounder, Salmon and a flatty came in before the action started to slow, although photos were still coming in. I took the opportunity to push the kayak onto the water just by the launch site, as I had to keep an eye on all the gear, and started flicking Gulp sandworms about 2 meters from the waterline…..and was very lucky to snag 3 pups in a 40min window.

A return to the setup location ad a check of the phone and Chris Miller had logged the biggest Bream at that stage (33cms) which ended up pipping out Luke Oleson by 5mm (32.5cms) for biggest of the day.

Although a lot of smaller model bream were caught, there was still a total of 12 legal size bream caught.

Elite: 1st Alex Whitehead 
2nd Luke Oleson
3rd Andrew Helps

Pro-am: 1st Chris Miller 
2nd Mathew Bini
3rd Matthew Gorne

Prize packs:
Biggest Bream: Chris Miller (33cms)
Biggest Salmon: Joshua Davey (29cms)
Biggest Flounder: Neal Palmer and Luke Oleson (55cms)
Biggest Mully: - , so prize for biggest ‘other’ went to Matthew Gorne: Flathead 29cms.

Good job by all participants….better luck next time to those who missed out.

All those who placed will receive communications from the Yakhunters team this week.

I’d like to say a big thankyou for all those who attended, you’re all an awesome bunch of blokes, as all you guys knew what was expected as a competitor on the day, which took a lot of pressure off me…and auditing my counting skills near the end of the day when my brain was fried was appreciated.

Thanks to our national and local sponsors including ACW, Spot On fishing, and Northside Doors and Windows for their support.

Now on to Round 3, on the picturesque Murray River in August, location to be advised but the target species will be Callop. It would be great to see the growth of the competition continue. Hope to see you all there, and some new faces….stay tuned for more info….tight lines all! 

Phoenix Noffke
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QLD Elite Series Round 2

QLD Elite Series Round 2

What an awesome day for Round 2 - Mooloolaba of the Yak Hunters ELITE Series hosted by Viking kayaks.
Phoenix Noffke
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