New rules!

2020 brings a new game...with new rules! 

After 2 successful years of the Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series ran across Australia.. we often asked ourselves - what can we do to make this Series even better? So we reached out to our Admin staff who had run the events, the members who had competed within them, and analysed all of our workings to develop a plan for a brand new format . The new format was based on trials, input and feedback from both staff and members right across the country. We've listened to our Anglers and members.. and we now bring you a brand new formidable series which we are sure you will love even more! Some of the key changes to the 2020 series are listed below:

  •  ONE CLASS nationally linked -  to make ranking against ALL of your national peers simple and easy.
  •  POWER PLAY option added - back yourself to win even more prize money at your round.
  •  APP AND SCORING UPDATES for a more accurate score checking process across all rounds - regardless of reception.
  •  TIME SHIFT - Get the absolute best fishing and weather conditions out of your event. 

The Yak Hunters kayak Fishing Series 2020 is a well balanced platform to encourage ALL anglers to enter for some serious fun. To put simply, it's the perfect format to have some awesome fun when fishing with mates.. and score some sweet prizes at the same time!

One Class - Nationally Linked:

Upon an in-depth analysis of the previous 2 years rounds.. we found some data that was very interesting! Here's a rough breakdown of what we noticed that influenced the decision to go with a 'one class' approach in 2020:

- There was a much larger ratio of Amateur class anglers in comparison to Elite class anglers - 7:3 as an average in most state rounds. This meant a larger portion of the TOTAL prize pool was easier to win in some cases at some rounds, particularly when low numbers of Elite Class were present.

-  The Amateur anglers generally out fished the Elite Anglers at most rounds! What we found here was that some skilled anglers were entering the Amateur class when they should have been entering the Elite Class, often an unfair advantage to the Actual Amateur Angler.

- The ruling of the 'No trolling' rule for Elite Class was often hard to enforce out on the water when Anglers were out of view. This gave a potential for some Anglers to 'cheat' and troll whilst not in sight of others. Now under the One Class ruling, ALL Anglers have the ability to Troll and bring fairness across the board when it comes to consistent fishing conditions.

- Often Anglers came 4th or 5th at their state event but missed out on a prize. With a One Class ruling - we now have the ability to pay prizes up to 6th place at each state event round, award 6 state champions at the completion of the series, and one grand national champion!

- For those who wish to back themselves or play against the Elite still - we have introduced an additional 'Power Play' option, which gives an opportunity to enhance your prize pool and still play against the big dogs of the event.

- One Class Nationally Linked also provided an immediate ranking system - so you can see exactly where you rank NATIONALLY across all members and competitors. This brings some extra fun, bragging rights.. and might surprise you in your overall skill level when compared to other national anglers!

We think the One Class approach offers the ultimate platform of fairness to all Anglers. The new ranking system and prize payouts to 6th place will be sure to put more smiles on anglers at each round and makes your efforts out on the water all the more worthwhile.

When questioned, most Anglers preferred a 'Friendly and relaxed' environment over a highly competitive one.

The 'One Class' approach enables all Anglers to maximise their fun whilst still offering a good degree of competition.

The added option of POWER PLAY :

Still back yourself to do well at a particular round? Or is the target species something you've perfected the art in? Well... Power Play might just be the option for you.

How does it work? It's super simple.

Upon registering for a round, you will now have an added optional feature called 'Power Play' which you can add to your registration fee. The Power Play Fee is an additional $25. Think of it as an option to 'back yourself' at your upcoming event.

Each 'Power Play' entry of $25 accumulates into a separate prize pool, specific to your event. The goal here is to catch the LARGEST target fish out of all the 'Power Players' within your local round event. If you win this.. you score the entire pot of 'Power Play' prize cash. This is also on top of any additional prizes you gain during the round.

NOTE: Another entrant who has caught the largest fish at the event, cannot score the 'Power Play' prize pool unless they have added that option to their registration. The winner of the 'Power Play' pot must have:

a)  Included the 'Power Play 'option to their registration, and;

b) Caught the single LARGEST fish out of all 'Power Play' members at their LOCAL event round.

The less Power Play members in a round.. the easier it is for you to win it.

The More Power Play members in a round.. the harder it is to win it, but the larger the prize pot is!

We think this is a fun way to back yourself in an event that you feel confident in. It also creates an additional and larger prize pool for anglers who are confident in their skill level, or as a bit of fun amongst mates who want to gain a little more than just bragging rights.

'Power Play' can be selected as an additional option at registration.

It gives confident Anglers an extra option to win greater prizes at their event round.

'Power Play' is a perfect option if you're competing against mates and wish to up the antics.

App and scoring UPDATES:

The use of the Yak Hunters Australia Scoring app has been great.. but we are making it now even more accurate when it comes to scoring.

Previously at some locations, phone reception has been incredibly low and at times, unavailable. We understand that this can be frustrating at times.. especially when you have a cracking fish to submit, and your phone just won't get reception!

So we've listened to Anglers from across the country here, and have gone back to Manual confirmation entry. What does that mean? It means you simply just take photos of the fish on your brag mat with your tag included.. and show the Admin Staff at your local round your photos to register your score.

Whilst this may take a little longer to calculate scores.. we find it is more consistent and accurate - particularly in areas where phone reception is very limited. This also allows all event judges to get eyes on for any conformation or scoring discrepancies - meaning you get accurately judged on every entry.

But don't discard the app just yet! We are packing it full of extra fun features in the following year to come. It is also the go to place where you can see OVERALL rankings of the series nationally.

After your event has taken place, tune in to the Yak Hunters Australia app the following week to see where you ranked nationally amongst all competitors! 

Accurate scoring enables faster national results to take place.

Each entry gets checked by multiple judges - meaning the decision is unanimous.

Use the app to see where you rank nationally, amongst some other great features.


We've done some research into this.. and realised there's one MAJOR factor we can't really control - The Weather!

What we can do however - is attempt to work around it.

Introducing 'TIME SHIFT' into the 2020 rounds.. we've given the Yak Hunters State Admin teams the ability to decide their start and finish times, provided it's a 6 HOUR BLOCK between SUNRISE and SUNSET.

Upon observation and feedback from previous events, we discovered general patterns in both the weather activity and the fishing activity. This consists of aspects including;

- Optimal 'bite' times.

- Generalised predicted wind strengths.

- Time based weather forecasts for wind, rain, storm and tide predictions.

By giving our Local teams the ability to decide on the start and finish time at their event, this enables the knowledge of staff (and members) to ultimately decide the BEST opportunity to fish in the safest conditions and gain the optimum bite window for the target species. It also adds more flexibility to the rounds and ensures anglers capture the BEST and SAFEST times to be on the water.. which we think is the most important thing and is something you will all love.

TIME SHIFT will take place in all Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Rounds in 2020.

TIME SHIFT allows the best use of local weather conditions for your event.

An optimum bite window can now be targeted for each event target species.

Meaning you catch greater fish.. in greater conditions!

We've made it simple and easy

The 2020 Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series packs some powerful extras - with all the simplicity you could ask for. You'll be able to fit in smoothly and understand how it all works straight away, even if you've previously never fished a Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series round.

Step 1

Register ONLINE and select your chosen event.

Step 2

Select 'Power Play' if you wish to add this feature.

Step 3

Finalise payment - You're all done!

Dates and locations - COMING SOON!

Stay tuned... the State teams of Yak Hunters Australia are finalising dates and locations - they will be released this week! Plenty of time for you to clear your 2020 calendar and join in to Australia's LARGEST Nationally linked Kayak Fishing Tournament!

Meet new mates, fish new waters, target new species.. we're sure you are going to absolutely love the 2020 series to come.

The Yak Hunters Australia Team

Luke Lispet

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