SA Elite Series Round 2

SA Elite Series Round 2

Well that's round 2 of the Yakhunters Elite Series done and dusted!

It was great to see the numbers nearly double from round 1's 8 entries.

The day started nice and early. Down at the lake just after 4:30am so that I could have everything ready for when the participants arrived, constantly wiping the morning dew off all the paperwork.

It was a beautiful clear and still morning which was a welcome sight, but did make me wonder if the Bream would shut down as early as they did the week before.

Shortly after launch time photos started to come in, and then some upgrades, so this was very promising for everyone's chances. Pictures of Bream, as well as Flounder, Salmon and a flatty came in before the action started to slow, although photos were still coming in. I took the opportunity to push the kayak onto the water just by the launch site, as I had to keep an eye on all the gear, and started flicking Gulp sandworms about 2 meters from the waterline…..and was very lucky to snag 3 pups in a 40min window.

A return to the setup location ad a check of the phone and Chris Miller had logged the biggest Bream at that stage (33cms) which ended up pipping out Luke Oleson by 5mm (32.5cms) for biggest of the day.

Although a lot of smaller model bream were caught, there was still a total of 12 legal size bream caught.

Elite: 1st Alex Whitehead 
2nd Luke Oleson
3rd Andrew Helps

Pro-am: 1st Chris Miller 
2nd Mathew Bini
3rd Matthew Gorne

Prize packs:
Biggest Bream: Chris Miller (33cms)
Biggest Salmon: Joshua Davey (29cms)
Biggest Flounder: Neal Palmer and Luke Oleson (55cms)
Biggest Mully: - , so prize for biggest ‘other’ went to Matthew Gorne: Flathead 29cms.

Good job by all participants….better luck next time to those who missed out.

All those who placed will receive communications from the Yakhunters team this week.

I’d like to say a big thankyou for all those who attended, you’re all an awesome bunch of blokes, as all you guys knew what was expected as a competitor on the day, which took a lot of pressure off me…and auditing my counting skills near the end of the day when my brain was fried was appreciated.

Thanks to our national and local sponsors including ACW, Spot On fishing, and Northside Doors and Windows for their support.

Now on to Round 3, on the picturesque Murray River in August, location to be advised but the target species will be Callop. It would be great to see the growth of the competition continue. Hope to see you all there, and some new faces….stay tuned for more info….tight lines all! 

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