Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series - Round 1

 Round 1 - 2020!


Welcome to Round 1 of the Yak Hunters 2020 Kayak Fishing Series, proudly POWERED by Freak Sports Australia!

With registrations now finalised, you are now an accepted entrant into the series for Round 1 and beyond for our 2020 Season Pass members.

You have entered a brand new, next generation nationally linked Kayak Fishing tournament series, geared for all anglers at any skill level and with the ability to compete among hundreds of other like-minded anglers across the country.

Firstly, we’d like to welcome our new entrants into the Series and welcome back our seasoned campaigners from series past. We thank you for your participation in making Rd 1 of the 2020 Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series the largest Round 1 numbers to date of our history.

Now, let’s get you squared away with some important information you’ll need to know about ROUND 1 and attached to this email you will find an Early Bird discount special for ROUND 2 also!!!!


We have all your entry details from your registration form – so we’ll take care of all the paperwork aspect for the entry component. You’ll need to make sure however, that you are prepared and ready on the day of your event for what will be required of yourself upon arrival. 

-LIFE JACKET / PFD: Please make sure you are in possession of a SERVICEABLE and OPERABLE life jacket / PFD that complies with your state regulations. It is a requirement for all Yak Hunters events, that all entrants MUST wear a serviceable and operable life jacket / PFD at all times. Event staff will be conducting inspections; however it is your responsibility to ensure that your safety equipment is in order. We may refuse entry if a Life Jacket / PFD does not comply with regulations, so in order to avoid disappointment on the day, please ensure you inspect your equipment prior to the event.Some aspects that can be overlooked are self-inflatable cylinders being rusty from salt exposure, broken clips / straps and vests that do not comply with state safety regulations.


You'll need to be in possession of at all times whilst at the event, your mobile phone. This is for both Safety reasons and your ability to take photos of your fish and enter them via the Yak Hunters App.

Please make sure your phone is 100% charged prior to the event commencement. We also recommend a waterproof option to store your mobile phone whilst out on the water, so please consider this before hand. 


Pretty obvious right? Don't pack everything at home and forget to take the main thing! Entrants must have a serviceable and working kayak, so MAKE SURE you also pack your paddle! (people have forgotten this before) and /or pedal drive. The use of Electric motors in Yak Hunters events is NOT allowed. (Unless by special circumstance)


 This Year - there is only ONE Series class. This means you will RANK against Anglers in your state event for your local prize pool... AND ALSO against Anglers NATIONALLY for the overall Yearly rankings! 


There are a whole range of ‘kayaks’ available on the market that can range to anything from what appears to be an Esky Lid to an imperial Battle Ship. We won’t judge you on what Kayak you have.. however we REQUIRE that your kayak is serviceable, operable and in a suitable condition to undertake water activities without any presenting a risk to safety, to yourself or to others. This is good time to check that there are no cracks, splits, broken rudders, cables, drive systems etc. We will be conducting inspections on the day, and refusal may occur for any kayak we (the event STAFF) deem to be unsafe for participation. So in order to avoid this disappointment, ensure you check your kayak before arrival. Kayaks within the Yak Hunters series MUST be MANUAL OPERATION ONLY – this includes paddle or pedal.

 NIL ELECTRICS or MOTORS will be allowed within the series. So if you do have an attachment of a motor or electric on your kayak, we suggest you remove this prior to the event as Staff will request that you remove these items on your kayak prior to launch and / or may disqualify if electric or motor is not removed. 


While we understand fish can be caught from anything from a sour worm to a toothbrush.. we are strict on the procedure that for all rounds within the Yak Hunters series are LURE ONLY!(Nil bait allowed) You may use scents, but nil bait will be accepted and may result in a disqualification or penalty if any use or attempted use of bait exists. You must also NOT use Burley. Staff will be conducting thorough equipment checks of all your equipment prior to launch.. so for any who are tempted.. leave the bait at home in the freezer!

We will allow a maximum of 3 rigged rods on the day and in any Anglers possession, however local state regulations will always apply according to your state. When handling rods, only ONE rod is permitted to be used at a SINGLE time ( i.e., you may not cast and fish with one line while another line is present in the water beside your kayak)Heavy penalties and / or disqualification may occur for ANY angler, regardless of Series class, breaching this rule. 


All anglers are now able to TROLL! (Single line at any time) TROLLING will be defined as a static line present in the water whilst the Kayak Operator is manoeuvring the kayak over distance by either paddle or pedal. LONG CAST and retrieve, Drift and Jig is also acceptable.



Whether you embrace the Australian sun with nothing but a pair of pluggas, footy shorts and a bonds faded navy blue singlet… or dress covered in head to toe like a form of water Ninja… it is YOUR responsibility to be SUN safe and EQUIPMENT safe whilst partaking in the event. 

We recommend you protect yourself with UV protective clothing or 50+ UV protection sunscreen PRIOR to launch, and pack a rain jacket just in case it rains. We also highly recommend that you carry enough water out with yourself on the day. Some water will be issued to you and available prior to launch, but it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are prepared for Hydration and Sun protection whilst partaking in the event.


Now is also a good time to check that all of your applicable kayak or fishing equipment is in working order (fish finders, pedal drives, rod and reels, etc) Yak Hunters will NOT be responsible for any personal lost or damaged equipment – You will be required to sign a Disclaimer waiver on the day and you are individually RESPONSIBLE for all of your personal equipment that you have personally brought  to the event.

You will also berequired to have a working Mobile Phone on your persons throughout the entireduration of the event – so now is a good time to find an option on how to waterproof your device or carry in your possession. It is STRONGLY recommended that your Mobile Phone has the ability to take clear and quality photos and download the Yak Hunters Australia App from either the Google Play or Apple Store (Now might be agood time to upgrade that Nokia 3310!)

We also recommend theuse of rod leashes, spare batteries where required, braid scissors, sunglasses,hats, face wraps, first aid kits, etc. Ensure you also have aback-up option to operate your kayak – this is pertinent to Anglers with pedaldrive systems that may unexpectedly fail.. a pre-packed paddle can save the dayin this case! 


Commonly used items can be a thong, a stick, a fishing rod, or that over-exaggerated story of ‘Yeah it was 70cm on the brag mat mate… I just didn't take a photo of it on the mat when measured it’ In this case, you won't need to worry about creative stories… as we’ll organise the brag device for you.

As you are joining us for the first time this year we will issue you with a FREE Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series Brag Mat on the day that all fish MUST be measured on (This mat is also yours to keep for future rounds and beyond) You will only be issued this mat ONCE.

 Any loss or damage will require you to pay for a replacement fee of $35. 

All fish caught are in a CPR format – Catch. Photo. Release. Fish must be released immediately after your photo has been taken and released safely (and handled safely) in the same location (or close to) where you found it. This is to ensure any territorial fish or breeding fish can be released with the best chance of survival and has a lesser impact on the event environment (an eco-friendly measure for all Yak Hunters Series rounds) 

The use of Live-wells to transport fish is NOT ALLOWED – unless in EXTREME circumstances where you require a MINIMAL transport distance to measure a fish for example, or release in a safe area WHERE you caught it. Any live fish brought back to the launch point and measured in at the end of the event will result in all those fish being VOID and may result in Angler Disqualification.

 Photos are taken and measured from nose to tip of tail. Ensure your photo captured is CLEAR and READABLE – Staff may refuse blurry photos or decide on a lower score for brag mats or measures that are creased or measured incorrectly.

 Any attempt of CHEATING will result in fish being VOID and / or could result in Angler Disqualification.. this will be the decision of the event judges on the day.

You will need to download the Yak Hunters Australia App from your phone’s relevant app store (it is free) to be able to record and lodge your captures. Please do this before comp day! 

Once downloaded you will need to signup following the simple on-screen instructions and you will see your relevant Yak Hunters Round on the event drop down tab that will go live on the event day.  

The Yak Hunters Australia app will enable us to keep a live tally of your captures throughout the tournament for those that have mobile coverage and leave their app online but the app will also store your photos if you decide to go offline or are in a low coverage zone and we will be able to download your entries when you comeback to home base.

 PLEASE USE YOUR CAMERA PHONE TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS FIRST, THEN SUBMIT YOUR BEST CATCHES VIA THE APP. The app is there to register your LIVE scores, but we will also be checking photos at the end to double check scores.. so it's important you have the photos ready to show us!

POWER PLAY                 

A new addition to the 2020 Series is our POWER PLAY option - which gives you access to a separate prize pool ON TOP of any other prizes you have scores. To be eligible for this win, you must have selected the POWER PLAY option at  checkout when placing your registration. Each prize shall be awarded to the Power Play member who has caught the largest fish out of all other Power Play members in that state round. Below is the total POWER PLAY prize pools for each state in ROUND 1:

 QLD: 6 x PowerPlays = $150

 NSW: 23 x PowerPlays = $575

 VIC: 4 x PowerPlays = $100

 SA: 1 x PowerPlay = $25

 WA: Zero

 TAS: 4 x PowerPlays = $100


 As much fun as it can be to have a few beverages with mates the night before the event in anticipation of the day, stay up until 3am, sleep through your alarm and feel like you've been hit by a Train when you wake up… Here are a few KEY timings you MUST meet before planning any night before celebrations or sleep-ins! Like with any timing provided.. the earlier you can arrive the better. Some events may attract BIG crowds that attract congestion and limited parking spaces.. so while we have a set guide of timings that we attempt to adhere to.. It’s always better to be a little earlier just in case! 



Please find attached to this email all map graphics of your respective state event MEETING location. Ensure you are familiar with directions to your event PRIOR to the day for easy of arrival. 

Please also be aware of any OUT OF BOUND's, NO FISHING ZONES, BOUNDARIES and LAUNCH POINT that may be applicable to your round. These will be attached in this email for your reference. 

0500: ALL entrants arrive BY this time (arrival earlier to this time is recommended)

0500 – 0530: Event check-in, registration forms, equipment issue.0530: Event briefing and safety briefing (ALL Entrants MUST be attend this briefing)

0545: Kayak and Equipment Inspection.

0600: Kayaks LAUNCH and event COMMENCE

1200: ALL entrants RETURNED by this time!!

1215 – 1230: Entrant photos entry and scoring placings recorded. 

Post 1230 onwards: Winners announced! 

(Post event activities like B.B.Q, social chat etc may also be undertakenspecific to your event hosting and will be announced prior to)

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you meet these timings. Staff may refuse entry, or points may be deducted as a penalty or disqualification may occur if you are not present at the timings given. Penalties for LATE RETURN will apply as follows: 

 0-5 minutes: MINUS 5cm                 5-10 minutes: MINUS 10cm                 10-15 minutes: MINUS 15cm                 15 minutes and beyond: DISQUALIFIED 

It’s a good idea to make sure you are in a position nearing the return time to effectively be back at the launch point by the timing given (Don’t paddle further than you can get back in time!)

 If you’re going to be late.. let the staff know in advance and we can attempt to mitigate circumstances where possible. 


 No jokes on this one – your Safety is paramount. 

We will endeavour to provide and assist with safety requirements from our event Staff to the best of our ability.. However it is ultimately YOUR responsibility for your own safety AT ALL TIMES. This includes the requirement to wear your PFD / Life Jacket AT ALL TIMES whilst undertaking the event. Ensure that you have a WORKING means of communications (where reception exists) or dial 112 in the event of an extreme emergency.

Carry your communication device at ALL TIMES whilst partaking in this event. Please also keep an eye out for others on the water at all times – this includes entrants and any other vessels that may exist on the water whilst the event takes place. Have an extra sense of situational awareness – watch for changes in weather, other vessel operators, sharps in your equipment, and any other anglers that may need assistance. While we can’t help our fellow anglers on the water with catching their fish.. we can all help each other on the water when it comes to safety and assistance where able. 

We STRONGLY recommend that if you are feeling unwell or are injured prior to the event.. you DO NOT participate within the event. Please make this known to Staff at registration if you are feeling unwell or may be injured prior to undertaking the event.

Safety staff on the day MAY cancel the event in the event of extreme weather of adverse weather conditions – If this is the case, head back to the launch point IMMEDIATELY and observe anglers around you who may require assistance. 

You may also use your own discretion on this if you feel you are unsafe at any time also. When it comes to safety, there can be no room for errors. Please comply with staff directions at ALL TIMES and observe safe practices during the event AT ALL TIMES. 

Staff may issue penalty or instant disqualification for any observation of unsafe practices. Do the right thing (You guessed it).. at all times!

Whilst undertaking Yak Hunters events, Yak Hunters adopts a ZERO tolerance for any consumption of Alcohol and / or prohibited substances prior to and whilst undertaking on the water activities. If Staff suspect any entrant, individual, or persons to be under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances, instant refusal and dismissal from the event will occur with ZERO refund. Save the festivities for after the event..  and fish with a clear mind and in a safe manner.

All YAK HUNTERS Series events are covered by a Public Liability insurance which protects YAK HUNTERS as organisers. You will be required to sign an accident waiver and Liability release form on the morning of the event prior to partaking in the event.  We strongly recommend you have your own personal health / life insurance in place before entering any Yak Hunters Events to protect yourself from any accidents as this will not be the responsibility of Yak Hunters. 



This is your MAIN target species and will be scored the HIGHEST. At measure in at the end of the day, those who have caught the Primary species will be measured for placings first and in order. Your TOTAL score is calculated by the combined total length of your bag limit of the primary species (bag limits will be announced on the morning of your event and are subject to most recent fishing conditions) 

QLD: Flathead

NSW: Bass

VIC: Bass

SA: Bream

TAS: Silver Trevally

WA: Flathead


These are used to 'Boost' your national points at the of the daily round. Catching a Bonus Fish will increase your national points by + 5 points on the ladder, giving you a potential position boost on the OVERALL position of the tournament ladder. A Bonus fish can only give you a MAXIMUM of 5 points extra on the day.. so there is no accumulation of any extra points or rewards for catching multiple.

QLD: Bream 

NSW: Carp

VIC: Redfin

SA: Mulloway

TAS: Tailor 

WA: Bream


Everyone’s favourite part! You will find each state prize breakdown located on your home state Yak Hunters Facebook page. If you have any questions on your prize breakdown.. please ask the staff at your event! In the Yak Hunters 2020 Kayak Fishing Series, we are now able to pay prizes down to 6th Place at each state event! 

In each state there willalso be a prize for the BIGGEST FISH (primary species) of the event.

Placing prizes are listed as a TOTAL RRP and may consist of PRIZE, VOUCHER, CASH, or a combination of any of these together.

Cash will not be given out on the day but provided via direct bank transfer after the event however winners will receive their non-cash prize components on the day (unless it is a kayak these will need to be picked up from the supplier)along with a cool jumbo cheque to keep also! 


Practiced by many skilled Yak Hunters throughout the ages...

As a basic wrap up, Yak Hunters events and this series was designed and will always be designed for a sense of SOCIAL FUN , Provide some FRIENDLY competition, and the chance for ALL Kayak anglers of ALL skill levels to participate in a friendly environment that welcomes ALL members from the amateur angler level to the expert angler level. With this in mind,Please remember to uphold a POSITIVE attitude on the day at all times – meet new friends, have a laugh, take on new challenges and please be RESPECTFUL at ALL TIMES to all anglers and event staff on the day.

ANGLER SAFETY is our number one priority above all else. Please respect any decisions made for your safety on the day by your event Staff. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, chat to us via the Yak Hunters Australia Kayak Fishing Series messenger chat or FB page or via your State YH Page. 

We look forward to seeing you at Rd 1 and enjoying what will sure to be a fantastic day out on the water to kick off the 2020 Series ahead!

See you soon. 

Luke and the Yak Hunters Australia team.  

Luke Lispet 

Managing Director

Yak Hunters Australia

M: 0421 950 997

E: luke.lispet@yakhunters.com

W: https://yakhunters.com/ 


Queenslanders - please familiarise yourself with the OOB (Out Of Bounds) regions. These are No Fishing areas that are situated within your Round location.

Ephraim Island is no fishing within the island canals.

There is also no fishing within Boat Harbour

Round Launch Locations

Please make not of your relevant round launch point below. This is where you will need to meet the Yak Hunters Staff on the day to commence your event.

Queensland Launch Point, Paradise Point.

New South Wales Launch point, Lake St.Clair.

Victoria Launch point, Blue Rock.

South Australia Launch point, West Lakes.

Tasmania Launch point, St. Helens.

Western Australia Launch point, Swan River.

Use the code YH2020 for 7% off your Round 2 entry.

Luke Lispet 
Yak Hunters Australia.

Luke Lispet

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