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Yak Hunters is a community organisation consisting of six separate groups, each representing a different state of Australia, these are; New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

 The goal of our organisation is to promote kayak based fishing, as well as sustainable fishing practices to help take care of our oceans and other waterways and all the creatures living within.

 Yak Hunters is a national network with each state group running side by side. Every month, each group participates in a Fish of the Month competition, which sees the biggest fish take out the top prize, as well as other national events, such as the State of Origin, charity days as well as community programs that serve to bring our members together to allow people to unite in their shared passion for Kayak Fishing. 

In 2018 Yak Hunters Launched the inaugural Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series which runs across 4 rounds with six states competing on the same day for fantastic prizes. Each year this series culminates in 2 anglers being crowned champions in the Elite and Amateur divisions. 

 No matter what state you are in, you will always find great advice, tips and new friendships waiting for you in the Yak Hunters groups. We pride ourselves on our great sense of community and striving to get fishing enthusiasts from every walk of life involved.

Find the link below to best suite the state for you.

 We are always looking for new sponsors to hop on board with our competitions because, without them, it would not be possible.

So, if you represent a reputable fishing brand, tackle store, or have a company that sells fishing related items, get in touch with us at admin@yakhunters.com and we would love to chat on about how we could strike up a mutually beneficial partnership. 

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