2021 Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Series 4 - Single entry


1. Select your Event Round and Location.

2. Please select ENTRY TYPE and choose from the following options:

STANDARD entry - NO brag mat required

STANDARD entry - brag mat required (+$15)

POWERPLAY entry - NO brag mat required

POWERPLAY entry - brag mat required (+$15)

Your single purchase entry is valid for 1 round only.

'Power Play' entries gain access to an additional separate CASH prize pool at each event. This prize pot can only be won by entrants who have purchased the 'Power Play' option with their initial entry.

In the 2021 Series, you are able to use any previous official YAK HUNTERS brag mat to score your entries. No other brag mat will be accepted.

If you do require a brag mat, please select the option of 'brag mat required' (+$15) from the ENTRY TYPE menu.


If you are purchasing this on behalf of someone else, please add their name and details in the comments at the checkout.

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Rules and Regulations



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