Bream Lessons! (QLD)


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Come join us for a FREE Beam tutorial day - everything you'll need to know about finding and targeting bream at Raby Bay, QLD.

The team talk you through tactics, techniques, and tips.. followed by group training sessions with team leaders to coach you through some practice on the water.

This event is LIMITED to 25 persons ONLY - first in best dressed!

We suggest purchasing some of the following lures, or close to, before the day:

-aqua bream prawns
-Gulp 2"crabbys

-Ecogear CK407f
-Hurricane FAT 37

-Zman- 2.5inch grubs
-Zman- crusteaz

(Colors - motor oil, greasy prawn, electric pink)

-Jig heads - 1/20 oz or 1/16 oz, size 1 hook

-Atomic crank 38 mid ayu
-Atomic crank 38 mid bss

If you have been successful in completing this order.. you will be one of the 25 selected to attend on the day.

See you Sunday!


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