Operation: Get POP back on the water!


Let's get POP back on the water!


For those who know Pop, he's an absolute Legend of a bloke. Not only has he been a major supporter of Yak Hunters since his arrival, he also voluntarily spoke at the Yak Hunters Mental health weekend as a guest speaker, is a Veteran, and has completed 2 tours of overseas duty.

Pop was shattered when he found out he now has to have major reconstructive knee surgery and will no longer be able to use his paddle kayak for the next 6 months.

When he heard this news, he decided to generously gave away his kayak (for free) to a young member of the Yak Hunters QLD page.

Pop had presumed his days of kayaking for 2020 were over...

But thanks to you, we can change that. We're linking up with FPV-Power, Freak Sports Australia, and a few legendary community members like yourself to raise a goal amount to get POP back on the water sooner.

With our target goal in mind, we want to get POP a fully kitted out Freak Sports Kayak with an Electric motor mounted and a FPV-Power battery to power it.

This craft will be geared out to help get POP back on the water sooner and will be a major assistance to him after his surgery.

A Veteran, A Legend, and one of our very own...let's all help him out together.


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