Kayak Fishing Australia

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing combines two perennially popular and enjoyable outdoor recreational activities into one incredible experience. While kayak fishing has been enjoyed for generations by indigenous populations in arctic regions, it is only in the last few decades that kayak fishing in Australia has emerged as a popular sport.

At Yak Hunters Australia, we are focused on connecting those with a shared love of kayak fishing in Australia through an innovative and easy to use platform. We are proponents of sustainable fishing and work to educate members about the benefits and methods of protecting aquatic environments.

Why Get Into Kayak Fishing?

If you’re an avid angler already, kayak fishing is a great way to add to the joy of fishing and diversify your experience. Kayak fishing in Australia gives you the opportunity to experience waterways, both freshwater and salt, that you may never have been able to access otherwise. Explore regional areas that are usually inaccessible by boat or on foot. Fish in and traverse hidden lakes, creeks, rivers, estuaries, around headlands reefs, and more, all from the comfort of your kayak.

Kayaking is more eco friendly than motorised watercraft and significantly less disturbing to marine life, allowing you to stealthily enter fishing hot spots. The lack of motorised craft in many of these areas, particularly those that are more secluded, can lead to enhanced chances of making your best catch yet.

Other benefits of kayak fishing in Australia include:

  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • No requirement to pay for registration, fuel or batteries
  • Easily transported and very lightweight – you can launch virtually anywhere, including off sand flats, helping to avoid delays at crowded boat ramps
  • You are engaging in exercise while also enjoying your favourite sport
  • It is a peaceful activity that allows a closer connection with nature
  • Being suitable for all ages, it’s a great family-friendly, fun activity

What Kind Of Fishing Is Kayak Fishing Suited To?

For many fishers, the idea of fishing from a kayak immediately leads them to wonder if they can still leverage a big fish. The reality is you can enjoy kayak fishing in the same way as you would from a larger boat or the shore.

Many experienced kayak fishers have angled large catfish, ocean fish such as swordfish, marlins and more all from their kayak. Kayaks can be safely fished from in both ocean and freshwater environments with only the skill of the angler and stability of the kayak limiting your catch. If you’re on the hunt for a particular species in a difficult location, kayaking offers the ideal opportunity to attempt this.

Kayak fishing provides a unique way to enjoy fishing away from the shore without the need for owning and maintaining a large boat.

Standard Kayaks Vs Fishing Kayaks

Part of the success of kayak fishing whether offshore or in inland waterways relies on the use of a speciality kayak. While you may attempt fishing from a standard recreational kayak, fishing kayaks are fitted out with helpful additions to make the experience safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Quality fishing kayaks, while fundamentally built the same as a recreational kayak, tend to be wider and shorter. There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly a wider kayak offers more stability for the user and reduces the risk of overturning while casting or during bad weather. Secondly, it allows for more storage within the kayak for all your gear and storage of your catch.

A fishing kayak may also feature rod holders, GPS, biminis, sails, live wells, pedals in place of a paddle, camera mounts and other innovative add ons. Pedals offer a great way for fishers to keep their hands free for casting off while still navigating the water with ease.

Other Considerations

As a member with us you also have the opportunity to shop for second hand items from other trusted members – source out of stock items, unwanted equipment and rare gear via our classifieds. Should you need to sell items our classifieds give you the best opportunity for finding the ideal buyer that understand their value.


As a member with us you also have the opportunity to shop for second hand items from other trusted members – source out of stock items, unwanted equipment and rare gear via our classifieds. Should you need to sell items our classifieds give you the best opportunity for finding the ideal buyer that understand their value.


A lightweight kayak is always a great idea, but for fishing kayaks, this becomes even more important. Your kayak needs to be able to comfortably bear your weight and that of all your gear and any catches you keep.

Likewise, should you wish to carry your kayak to a secret location off the beaten track for launching, you’ll need its weight to be as manageable as possible.


Most fishing kayaks are between 10 to 14 feet long and around 35 inches wide. The longer your kayak, the more efficient your paddling and the straighter your kayak will glide. The wider it is, the more buoyancy it will have, allowing it to keep both you and all your gear well above the waterline.


In a similar vein as weight considerations, you need to ensure your fishing kayak has plenty of room for all that added weight. Aside from your fishing gear, you’ll need to have space for food, water and other essentials since you’re likely to be out for long stretches at a time.

Primary Use

All fishing kayaks share similarities, however, there can be a marked difference between an ocean-going kayak and a kayak for inland waterways. Sure you can use them in either location if required, but if you intend to fish well off the coast more often than not, opt for the ocean fishing kayak as a priority.

Can I Simply Modify A Kayak I Already Have?

If you’re a beginner that is quite literally testing the waters to see if you enjoy kayak fishing, then using a recreational kayak you already have access to is a great place to start. It is possible to modify these kayaks to be better suited to fishing. Should this become a sport that you regularly engage in, we highly recommend investing in a purpose-built fishing kayak. Doing so will make your kayak fishing in Australia experience both safe and optimally enjoyable.

Kayak Fishing Safety

As kayak fishing in Australia continues to grow in popularity, it is important to note that, just like every other water sport, certain safety measures must be observed. Aside from ensuring you know how to react should your kayak overturn, you should also:


Never go out during poor weather. Attempting kayak fishing during dangerous weather is placing you at unnecessary risk. Learn to use weather apps and plan your trip accordingly. Likewise, always keep a close eye on the weather and head to safety when needed.


Wear a PFD (personal flotation device). Wearing a life jacket is not only essential, its mandatory. Ensure your PFD has high visibility panels, waterproof pockets, a safety whistle and shoulder reflectors as a minimum.


Use paddle and rod leashes. Even if your kayak is pedal powered, you never want to be caught without a paddle.


Practice sun safety. Always wear a hat, sunscreen, long sleeve clothing, and carry ample water. The glare from the water amplifies your exposure to UV rays and heatstroke can quickly ruin your fishing trip and place you in great danger.


Know your limits. If you are not a strong swimmer or are inexperienced, kayaking great distances and far from help is not the best idea and can quickly see you get into distress.

Kayak fishing in Australia is best enjoyed when you are prepared, aware and remain vigilant.

Best Value Fishing Gear For Kayak Fishers

Experienced anglers will no doubt have their preferred rods, reels, lures, wind and waterproof clothing brands and more. But no matter how minimal or vast your collection of fishing tackle and related equipment is, everyone enjoys great value.

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As a member with us you also have the opportunity to shop for second hand items from other trusted members – source out of stock items, unwanted equipment and rare gear via our classifieds. Should you need to sell items our classifieds give you the best opportunity for finding the ideal buyer that understand their value.

Yak Hunters Australia - Offering Community And Expertise

As passionate kayak fishing experts, the team at Yak Hunters Australia are here to share their knowledge and create lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts. No matter if you are a long time participant of kayak fishing in Australia or simply want to start out in the best possible way, Yak Hunters Australia is for you.

Our online groups and forums offer insights into fishing hot spots and connect you with a likeminded community. We support members to engage in enriching and fun competitions, community events and celebrations across Australia.

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Learn more, find hidden fishing hot spots and enjoy friendly competition among a raft of other benefits. Join the premier group for kayak fishing in Australia – Yak Hunters Australia.