Kayak Fishing Spots

Kayak Fishing Spots

If you’re an avid angler, you no doubt have your favourite fishing spots that you regularly visit and may even keep as a closely guarded secret. As a kayak fisher, finding and exploring new kayak fishing spots is one of the best parts of the sport. This is why, at Yak Hunters Australia, we love sharing all the very best kayak fishing spots with our members.

Through our online forums, you can find the best fishing spots in your region or search for fishing opportunities in new areas while on holiday. Although there is still quite limited information available about ideal kayak fishing spots in Australia, our forums take the guesswork out of it and deliver you with a host of tried and tested locations.

At Yak Hunters Australia, our goal is to help kayak fishers enjoy our beautiful waterways all year round, and promote the incredible experience that is kayak fishing.

What Makes A Great Kayak Fishing Spot?

One of the best reasons to engage in kayak fishing is that it makes accessing and enjoying incredible locations easier than ever. You can explore a river, creek, estuary, headlands, lagoon, offshore reefs and more, all from the comfort of your kayak.

There are a few tips and recommendations we suggest you follow to ensure your kayak fishing is as enjoyable and safe as possible.


Choose a protected spot free of waves and strong winds. This makes it much easier to paddle, fish and remain upright in your kayak.


Avoid traffic. Kayaking where there is constant motorised watercraft is a big no-no. Not only does this frighten away a potential catch but it also places you in danger.


Avoid paddling alone. Should you choose to head out on your own for the day, select a spot that will likely have other yak hunters present. When it comes to enjoying water sports such as kayak fishing, there is safety in numbers. Super remote locations can be tempting but you should always take another experienced kayak fisher with you.


Never go further from the shore than you can comfortably swim. Make sure the location has plenty of areas to easily go ashore if required, and always wear your PFD (personal flotation device).


Opt for waterways that have little to no current or waves; even the strongest swimmer or paddler can get overwhelmed in the water. Likewise, if choosing to paddle on a large lake or in the ocean, a sea-kayaking course offers invaluable survival tactics for instances where the conditions can suddenly change.


Easy access is a great feature for drop-offs with your kayak, though some yak hunters won’t mind trekking off the beaten track, kayak on their back, to find a spot.

Things To Watch Out For

It may be tempting to think any location with a decent body of water that is calm and free of motorised boats is ideal. It is important to keep in mind at all times, however, that any number of dangers can be hidden beneath the surface.

As a kayak fisher, you need to be especially aware of submerged dangers such as rocks, weed beds, fallen logs, and more that could have you overturn or become trapped.

The presence of these dangers doesn’t have to rule out a kayak fishing spot but additional care should be taken for your safety and that of those fishing with you.

Kayak fishing provides a unique way to enjoy fishing away from the shore without the need for owning and maintaining a large boat.

Am I Permitted To Launch My Kayak At A Boat Ramp?

Yes, you can absolutely use a boat ramp but keep in mind that it can be perilous to navigate these locations due to the presence of larger, motorised watercraft. The waves created by other boat ramp users and the busyness of these locations during peak seasons can make them quite a challenge to use for kayakers.

Should you wish to launch from a boat ramp to gain access to your chosen location, we suggest an early morning launch. This will ensure you are in the water and at a safe distance from much faster boats before the ramp becomes busy.

Where Else Can I Launch?

The beauty of kayak fishing is you can launch just about anywhere, even during high or low tide. Creek openings can deliver you to any number of great fishing spots with just a short paddle upstream. Surf launches, while tricky, can have you paddling into a deep channel offshore in no time. Virtually anywhere there is water and shoreline, be it river, creek, ocean, estuary, and more – you can launch.

The only caveat to this is that you may only launch from publicly accessible land and not into privately-owned waterways without permission.

Are There Regulations Regarding The Use Of A Fishing Kayak In Waterways?

As mentioned above, the main considerations are to ensure you are fishing in public waterways. Similar to other forms of recreational fishing, and depending on the state you are in while fishing, a license or fishing fee will need to be obtained/paid. This ensures that you are fishing in compliance with the laws pertaining to your location and supporting sustainable fishing practices.

Before Heading To Your Chosen Location...

You’ve marked your ideal kayak fishing spots and you’re ready to head out exploring. Before you do so, it’s a great idea to follow a checklist. Planning ahead means a more enjoyable day spent on the water and more time to fish.


Does the location have anywhere to purchase live bait or do you need to bring your own? If you intend to catch live bait as you go, remember live bait needs appropriate conditions to remain fresh for the duration of your exploration. If your intention is to only use lures, then this won’t be so important.


Just as you may need storage for your live bait, you will likely need a well to keep your catch alive and fresh throughout the day. Is your kayak equipped for the length of time you intend to be out or does the location allow for repeated visits to shore to deposit your catches?


Always check you have all the necessary safety equipment, including a form of contact. If you are going to a remote location where the phone signal is weak, this may mean the use of a distress beacon or flares. A tether for your paddle, a PFD, and sun protection is also critical for your safety and enjoyment of the water.


Always pack food and more water than you think you’ll need. Even if you launch from a location close to a store with supplies, once you head upriver to fish, you could end up further from civilisation than expected. If conditions change, having ample food and water can keep you sustained till you reach safety.

As an aside, for competition fishermen or those seeking out an elusive catch such as a particular salt or freshwater species, it pays to find out if that fish has been seen or caught recently in that location. This is one of the added benefits of membership with Yak Hunters Australia. Not only can you record your catches and their locations, but you can also easily share this with fellow anglers seeking a certain catch.

New Locations And Community Connections

If you’re tired of the same old kayak fishing spots or simply wish to share your favourite ones with like-minded kayak fishers, then Yak Hunters Australia is for you. Through our incredible online community, in-person events, competitions, and more, we deliver a unique and dynamic way to extend your love of kayak fishing.

We welcome kayak fishers of all ages and levels of experience with a community made up of members from six separate groups, each representing a different state of Australia: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Gain new insights into kayak fishing and learn how to practice this incredible sport in a way that is fun, challenging, and sustainable.

After all, protecting our favourite kayak fishing spots is the best way to keep them thriving for generations to come, and that is something we all want. Sign up with Yak Hunters today and experience a host of benefits that comes with being a member of our Yak Hunter Fishing Club community.