The Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing Net


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Yak Hunters Australia has teamed up with Skulldrag industries, one of Australia’s best fishing net makers, to produce what we believe is the ultimate series of kayak fishing nets. 

All our gear at yak hunters is tested by kayak fisherman for kayak fisherman and these nets are no exception.  From the length of the handle, to Thedepth of the nets through to our premium silicone nets, these things have been tried, tested and thought through to enable you to safely land your fish, get it out of the basket and ready for that perfect victory snap of you and your catch. 

We have two versions of the Yak Hunters Kayak Fishing net available thatnhas you covered from everything from bream to barramundi. 


Large Net

  • Basket Depth = 600mm
  • Handle Length = 350mm
  • Surgical grade silicone basket to reduce lure entanglement with large base circumference adding to the volume of the basket to handle larger species. 


Small Net

  • Basket Depth = 400mm
  • Handle Length = 300mm
  • Surgical grade silicone basket to reduce lure entanglement


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